Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Springtime Is Here!

Well, what a difference a month can make! Just a few short weeks ago, we were huddled next to the fireplace watching the snow cover the ground. This morning, coffee on the deck, watching our bird friends return from their winter vacations. A sure sign of springtime in the south is the explosion of color from the Dogwoods and Azaleas. Even as the weatherman threatens us with more cold weather to come, we are forever comforted by the promise of shorts weather brought by the early spring blossoms.

Scott and I were so excited by the first day of warm sunshine that we rushed down to our local Lowe's and filled a cart with Petunias and Marigolds! We spent the afternoon digging in the dirt, anxious for our first splash of color. And this year, we're trying our hand at a veggie garden. Started from seed, we now have zucchini, tomato, radish, carrot, bell pepper, and an assortment of herbs! We're like proud parents checking them every morning to see if any new leaves have emerged!

Last year, Georgia was held tight in the grips of an extreme drought. Water restrictions made gardening nearly impossible. In an effort to maintain our landscape, Scott explored the option of water collection...rain barrels. What a difference they made! And what a change to our appreciation for water! Suddenly, the water coming thru the downspout and into the barrel was nearly as precious as gold. As he started telling people about what a difference they made in our gardening efforts, he began to get requests for them. And a new business was born! If you're in the Athens, GA area and find yourself with cracked earth this summer, click the rain barrel photo for more information aboutBest Home Services and Athens Rain Collection.

Summer is right around the corner. We may well encounter the dreaded drought again this year. But for now, the temperatures are near perfect, the spring flowers are smiling, our gold finches have returned, and Scott and I are watching our garden grow. Aaaah!! Springtime is indeed here!