Monday, March 2, 2009

Georgia SnowJam 2009

1 to 2 inches, they said. Gone by the next morning, they said. Ha! Father Winter had something entirely different in mind...and aren't we glad!?! This happens about once every three or four years here, and sometimes it's mostly ice. So you can imagine our excitement!

When it started snowing Sunday afternoon at about noon, I grabbed my camera as soon as there was a dusting on the ground and ran out to take a few photos to share, afraid it would be gone before I could record it for the scrapbook. Wanting a better view of the spectacle, Scott and I jumped in our Subaru Outback and went exploring. By then, the roads were white and the flakes had become huge...I mean HUGE! They looked like shredded Kleenex floating thru the air. By the time we returned home our neighborhood streets were covered with about 4 inches of snow!

Not having a sled didn't at all dampen our desire to play in the snow. Scott strapped on his snowboard and me, my skis and away we went. We live at the top of the highest point in our neighborhood. Very convenient when you want to ski downhill! After taking several runs down the street we began to eye the line from our front yard. Turns out the best run of the day started in our front yard, down the hill, across the street, and into our neighbor's front yard, thru to their gate to their back yard. Yeah!! Fun!! Crazy I know, but you take it when and where you can get it!

On our last hike back up the hill we learned that the power had gone out. It was 4pm, temperatures were falling, we were wet and hungry. But, thanks to our fantastic woodburning fireplace, collection of backpacking equipment and natural gas grill, we managed quite comfortably. Toasty warm by the fire, candlelight and warm dinner from the grill. We pulled chairs in front of the fire and spent hours just talking. And still the snow fell.

When we awoke this morning, the snow had stopped but the power was still out. Coffee and tea are a MUST, so thanks to the handy-dandy camp stove we were sipping in style in front of the warm fire. It's a little hard to explain, but when the power company truck came thru this morning we were less than excited that our little adventure was coming to an end. It's always nice when the winter weather comes and the power goes out. There's something magical about those times.

So, by the time it stopped snowing, 9 inches had fallen! 9 inches! It's 42 degrees today, so it's beginning to melt. But BOY, did we have fun yesterday!!