Friday, February 27, 2009


There is nothing more relaxing than a nice long walk. It settles my spirit and allows my mind to wander effortlessly thru time, unlocking both memories and dreams. There is something cleansing about it. Refreshing.

Being a Louisiana girl, I have a special affection for old cemeteries. Some of the most beautiful art can be found hidden behind the ornate iron gates, hidden away like treasures to be rediscovered for centuries. These long walks easily become a treasure hunt, collecting visions of the beautiful, weather-worn gaurdians of their sleeping charges. Their faces bear the emotions of the loved ones left behind. The strength of their marble souls forever standing, watching, protecting. It's really quite an inspiring site.

Recently, while spending a relaxing Sunday on the sofa with my laptop, shopping Etsy, I came across a beautiful image of a cemetery monument. An old memory was stirred, and the inspiration for a Treaury was born. In my research, I found that there are others who enjoy the same appreciation for the beauty of an old cemetery. I took a virtual "walk" thru an old cemetery again. And again, I was inspired...and I hope you will be, too, when you take a long stroll thru these beautiful cemeteries thru the eyes of these talented artists.
"Hollywood Cemetery" by ArtByJasonAndAmanda
"Eternal Mourner" by wickedworld
"Sorrow" by chicalookate
"Rutledge 1873 - 1937" by Scooyou Photography
"Cemetery Sunrise" by DarrylGlade
"Sepia Praying Angel" by OliveRue
"Contemplation" by Aztek721
"Enduring Love" by irenesuchocki
"Acceptance" by kcwgallery
"Cemetery Urn" by bbieder
"NOLA" by poofny
"The Dark Patina Lady" by archaicmementos